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I am 'Pro-Choice!'

So, you're thinking, "How in the world could a person who is a Bible-believing Christian possibly be 'Pro-Choice'???" Let me explain.

Usually, "Pro-choice" refers to someone who believes that a woman has the right to do with her own body what she wants; she makes the choices as to what happens to it. So, if an unwanted pregnancy happens, a Pro-Choice woman believes she has the right to terminate that pregnancy by abortion, no matter where she is in her pregnancy term.

I subscribe to the belief that a woman should be Pro-Choice before she becomes pregnant. She chooses to refrain from using her body to have sex outside of marriage! It is in that sense that I am Pro-Choice!

This same woman who cries for her rights to kill her unborn baby is the same woman who should not have gotten pregnant in the first place! It takes two to tango, and the choices she makes before having sex are most important.

Yes, there are cases of rape. Yes, there are cases of incest. Would I personally want to carry a baby to term that is a product of rape, or a product of a man whom I thought loved me, then ran off? Probably not, but then again, there are so very many loving couples in this world trying desperately to have a baby, and I suggest I could overcome my hate for the man that did that to me by offering a gift to a childless couple by placing that innocent life up for adoption. Is it not written in Romans 12:21, "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good?"

Life is precious. Choose life!

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