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There comes a time when one knows that the Web is a medium in which you may take part, or you may refrain. I've decided one way to take part is to express some things that are on my mind. You may agree or disagree, and that's OK.

Praise be to God that we are not all the same, and therefore have different views on different things. What's your view?

I fell off the wagon on blogging, but there are some insightful (if I do say so myself) musings on being Christian in this ever-more-tolerant world. (added 12/01/01)

I am 'Pro-Choice' (added 6/9/00)

On Dodge's participation in the Craftsman Truck Races, and now NASCAR! (first added 6/97, updated 11/12/99)

On the massacre at Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado (added 4/25/99)

On the Tennessee Volunteers (Vols) winning the National Championship (added 1/5/99)

On the Chrysler -- Mercedes Benz merger (added 12/4/98)

On Bill Clinton (added 8/31/98)

On Homosexuality (added 6/20/98)

On the Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball team (added 2/98)

On Peyton Manning not winning the Heisman (added 12/97)

On The Promisekeepers movement among men (added 10/97)

On Jesus (added 7/97)

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