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Jim and Julie Moore/Moore's MoPars

"Where Jesus is Lord and MoPars are us!"

[Jim even has on a MoPar shirt!]
Circa 1996
Circa 2003
Circa 2003
Hi! We not only love our MoPars, but we love the Lord Jesus first.
We serve Him at Dotson Memorial Baptist Church in Maryville - beautiful East TN -

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Jim has two sons, Jimmy and Mark. Jimmy's a MoPar nut and is married to Ame Estes. They have two children. Mark is a great 2nd grade teacher and photographer and really digs his wife Jenny, who works at UT Knoxville; they also have two children.

Jim and Julie both come from Mechanical Engineering backgrounds; Julie works in Oak Ridge, TN, and Jim is retired. We used to Mountain Bike at Haw Ridge and other places around beautiful East Tennessee (but then we got old). We got to tell others about Jesus in Portugal with our former church, and also in India with another former church.

We went to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Julie, also known as "ModCuda," was in the Pride of the Southland Band, and now attempts to play banjo (although not while marching). Go Vols! Julie also worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center before and after the Challenger accident - a tough time! Jim likes to play guitar and can be found picking and grinning on his Martin OM-28VR.

[Biz says hello to a hungry RainCrow!]We also loved our two cats, Biz (14-ish) and Zach (11-ish). Biz was named because she is bizarre in a cat kind of way, and Zach asked us not to call him "Blackie," so we obliged by giving him a Biblical Z-sounding name to match Biz's. Biz was a charter member of the Birdwatcher's Society, but lost her battle with squamous cell carcinoma on September 15, 2002, and Zach lost his battle with some kind of blood cancer (lymphoma or multiple myeloma) on Sunday, November 21, 2004.

[Our humble owner, Zach.] [Biz, right; Zach, left]

After we lost Biz, we got Zadie to be a companion to Zach. We got her at the Young Williams Animal Shelter. She sure is a cutie! Zadie's napping!
Zeb kitty After we lost Zach, Zadie starting getting lonesome, so we checked out the kitties at the Young-Williams Animal Shelter in Knoxville, TN and wanted to take ALL of them home, but we ended up with "Zeb!"

Here's Zadie and Zeb together!

Zadie and Zeb together!

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