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Mod Top #59

Brendan McTighe in West Virginia has a 1969 340 4-speed ModTop Barracuda

These pictures are from Carlisle, PA show in 2000:
Mod Top at Carlisle 2000

ModTop at Carlisle 2000 #2

More info from Ben the mechanic who knows the owner: It is a 69 barracuda 340s with the four speed ... It was originally yellow and the top was done in the black when it was painted orange.

This car is/was for sale on Ebay in early October 08, and here is additional info from the Ebay page:
This 1969 Plymouth Barracuda appears to have the 340-S option with a 4 -speed transmission. As well as the rare Mod Top option. The car is fairly complete, but in need of restoration. As you can see it is currently orange with a black top. Originally it was Sunfire yellow with the floral top. You can see the yellow showing though in some of the pictures. The floral interior is still present. IT will need some panels relaced. We do have two additonal rear seats that have good floral panels in them. The fabric has been successfully reproduced for someone who would like to make it new again. The Mod Top stickers are still in place on each quarter window. The body on the car is fairly solid. I have pictured as much of the rust as I think you would be concerned about. It looks like the rear quarters have been replaced along the way. The trim is all present but in need of some restoration. I took some close up pictures for your review. The engine is a 340, but not the numbers matching engine from the car. The engine runs strong and seems to have some modifications. The transmission has an original style Hurst shifter and shifts through all gears with no concerns. Someone changed the dhifter in the past and cut out part of the shifter humo in the floor. The interior is basically original and in need of repair. The door panels are okay along with some of the trim. But there are tears in the seats, and cracks in the dash etc. It will need a restoration. The trunk seems solid with just some surface rust. Underneath the car is mostly solid with a few concerns. One prospective buyer pointed out a bad spot in the frame under one of the front fender wells. It will need a repair in that area, but is solid everywhere else. The car had been sitting in a storage lot for 5 or more years. We recently rebuilt the carb and get it running. Other than some bad gas, it runs pretty good. Under the hood looks in solid shape. No issues with the firewall or inner fenders or core support. I have tried to describe the car that best that I can. I took a lot of pictures as you can see. If I missed something, I apologize. But I am not selling a restored car that is ready for a show. Basically it will need some kind of restoration. I do not have the fender tag or build sheet. The fender tag was not there when I got the car. And the build sheet that was in the back seat was for the car that was built right before or after. It is one digit off on the serial number and was coded for a green car without the 340 option. Based on that and the items present on the car, I believe it to be a correct vehicle. I have some names of previous owners that trace it back to someone we believe is the original owner from PA. You could trace the history of the car to authenticate the options etc...

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