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Mod Top #18

Randy Keirn has a 1969 Barracuda Mod Top:

Here's the fender tag, and some codes from the Broadcast (build) sheet, all jumbled up because his car is in a remote garage:

E44 D31 D51 T12 F6P UDF X9 V01 DY2 Y2 TOP VIP V7X GROUP A
B11 C16 C31 C55 C93 G33 H11 J15 J25 J31 R11 S11 S77 W11

E44 = 318 2bbl engine (230hp)
D31 = A904 3 speed Automatic Transmission (Torqueflite)
D51 = 2.76:1 (Highway ratio) on a 7.25" rear gear with a 1 3/8" dia. pinion
T12 = 6.95 x 14" White sidewall Polyglas tires
F6P = Yellow vinyl seats with yellow floral inserts
UDF X9 = Black upper door frame paint
V01 = Paint, monotone
DY2 = Y2 yellow paint
Y2 = Y2 yellow paint
TOP VIP = Yellow floral vinyl roof
V7X = Black accent stripe
B11 = November 11, 1968 Build date
C16 = Woodgrain console
C31 = Adjustable Seatback head restraints
C55 = Bucket seats
C93 = Carpeting
G33 = Driver's side remote-adjustable mirror
H11 = Front Heater
J15 = Cigar Lighter
J25 = 3 Speed variable windshield wipers
J31 = Dual Horns
R11 = AM Radio
S11 = Heavy Duty suspension, less sway bar
S77 = 16:1 Power Steering
W11 = Deluxe wheel covers

More info about the car:

  • Engine that came with the car orginally? - 318
  • Engine in the car now - 318 - the original
  • Tranny that came orginally? - A904 3 speed automatic
  • Tranny in the car now? - original
  • Original Exterior color? - Y2 Sunfire Yellow
  • Color now? - Original color (repainted)
  • Interior bucket seat color - F6P Yellow vinyl with mod inserts
Randy has this to say about his Mod Top:

"I purchased the car from the original owner in 1989. She bought the car from Northland Chrysler in Oak Park, Michigan, had the Chrysler Air added and then moved to Seminole, Florida. The car has always been kept in a garage and has only 52k miles on it. I haven't done any work to the car and it is all original except for the paint, which was redone by the original owner (with the correct y2 yellow). After purchasing the car I joined a Mopar club (West Coast Mopars) and started winning trophies at car shows. I'm not active in the shows anymore, but I still enjoy taking it out for rides (even though I get strange looks). "

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