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Mod Top #103

William Johnson in California has a 1969 318/auto Barracuda Mod Top

More info about the car:

  • Engine that came with the car orginally? - 318
  • Engine in the car now - 318: original to the car
  • Tranny that came orginally? - Auto
  • Tranny in the car now? - Auto: original to the car
  • Original Exterior color? - Y2 Sunfire Yellow
  • Interior bucket seat color - F6P Yellow vinyl bucket seats with mod (floral) inserts
Other good stuff about this Mod Top Barracuda:

"I have owned it for 20 years. Drive it often. It is for sale. Can be contacted at: (562) 805-0895, or contact William's nephew, Travis Johnson at tfof(at)live.com. Original 318 and AT trans. Runs very well---just returned from a 4000 mile trip from Calif to midwest and back. No problems. Has factory AC and pwr steering. Fun to drive---a head turner!"

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Last updated 4/10/2009 9:08:49 PM

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