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MoPar Mod Top and interior material info!

(For 1969 and 1970 Plymouths and Dodges)

What Mod material was available on which MoPars?
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UPDATE, 2015! Good News about repro Barracuda & Satellite material!
Click or tap on this link for more info!

Barracuda Yellow/Black Mod Top material
1969 and 1970 Barracuda
"Mod Top"
(yellow/green/black floral)
Fender Tag: Top = V1P
Seats = F6J or F6P
Satellite Blue/Green Mod Top material
1969 Satellite
(and 1970 Barra/Cuda)

"Mod Top"
(blue/green floral)
Fender Tag: Top = V1Q
Seats = F2Q
Dart/Coronet Mod Top material
1969 Dart/Coronet/SuperBee
"Floral Top"
1970 Challenger and Dart (!)
(green/gold/lite-blue floral)
Fender Tag: V1H
(Seat material =
normal solid colors
(e.g. black), not floral)

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BARRACUDA (yellow and black floral, fender tag = F6J or F6P for the seats and V1P for the vinyl top)

F6P - yellow vinyl with floral inserts
F6P = yellow vinyl bucket seats with floral inserts

F6J : green vinyl with floral inserts
F6J = green vinyl bucket seats with floral inserts

As is widely (and sadly) known, there is no New Old Stock (NOS) 1969/1970 Barracuda yellow/black mod material left, so the only way to get mod material for your '69 and '70 Barracuda is to buy reproduction material (or to find some in decent shape in an existing car - very unlikely).

The 1970 'Cuda and Barracuda Mod Tops (Fender tag: V1P) had the same yellow/black floral material as the 1969 Barracuda as shown in this '70 Barracuda from the 1993 MoPar Nationals.

Update, 2015: GOOD NEWS!!

(Thanks to Kenny Matanovic for the heads up and for the picture of the material below!)

SMS Auto Fabrics in Canby, Oregon has a excellent repro of the floral yellow/black for 1969 & 1970 Barracudas (V1P fender tag code) and also the floral Green/Blue for 1969 Satellites (V1Q fender tag code)!

Satellite (blue/green) and Barracuda (yellow/black) floral mod material

Also, Legendary Interiors claims to have some mod material offerings for the Barracuda (and the Satellite)

Lastly, Layson's Restorations allegedy sells Barracuda reproduction (scroll to the very bottom) Mod material by the yard (yellow/black floral), Satellites (blue/green floral) and Darts/SuperBees/Coronets (green/gold floral). I say "allegedly" because some Dart owners have said that Layson's won't repro their green/gold material due to low demand. Layson's also claims to have vinyl tops (Mod Tops).

FYI: The mod material by Layson's is a quality reproduction, but the black lines in the pattern seem much thicker than the original material (NOS), so if you need to redo your Mod MoPar, I suggest you should do the whole thing (top, door panel inserts, seat inserts) at one time so the all your mod material will match. Otherwise, it will be obvious what is NOS and what is repro because of the difference in the black line thickness. (By the way, I have no financial stake in Layson's or the mod material)!

I've never seen a 1970 'Cuda or Barracuda blue Mod Top (Fender tag: V1Q), and a page from the 1970 Plymouth trim book seems to indicate it had the same blue/green material that came on the 1969 Satellite. There is one '70 Barracuda with blue mod appointments in my Mod Top registry, but it has not been restored yet, so I don't have pictures of it with the top installed.

SATELLITE (blue and green floral, fender tag = F2Q for the seats and V1Q for the vinyl top)
Note: F2Q = blue vinyl bench seats with blue/green floral inserts (same material as the vinyl top)

Satellite Blue/Green Mod Top material
1969 Satellite
(and 1970 Barra/Cuda)

(blue/green floral)
Fender Tag: Top = V1Q
Seats = F2Q

For 1969 Satellite owners,
Update, 2015: GOOD NEWS!! SMS Auto Fabrics in Oregon has a quality repro material!

Also, Legendary Interiors used to have some NOS Blue/Green mod material for your vinyl tops and seat (Fender tag: V1Q and F2Q, respectively), but you will need to check with them for sure.

Check out this picture of a NOS 1970 Barracuda Green/Blue Mod Top!

For 1969 Dart, SuperBee and Coronet owners (Fender tag: V1H), I believe that only repro green/gold material is available (therefore, no NOS). Layson's Restorations claims to sell reproduction Dart/SuperBee/Coronet material, but I've heard from some Dodge Floral Top owners that Layson's won't repro the Dart/SuperBee/Coronet material because of low demand. Also, Floral Top Dodges (Darts, SuperBees and Coronets) came with standard solid color seats (and not with floral inserts in the seats like the Plymouths (Barracuda and Satellite)).

SMS Auto Fabrics in Canby, Oregon sent some samples to me that look very similar to the 1969 Dodge material (the "A" sample on the left). The sample on the right ("B" sample) is supposed to be for a 1969 (Barracuda??) also, but there is a lot of brown in it and I'm certain it's not correct for any of the 1969 or 1970 Mod Tops or Floral Tops, but it is interesting and they do have it in stock (see next picture, click on picture for a .pdf file)!

Interesting new information for the 1970 Dart and CHALLENGER models! According to Brian Ridley, Connect & Development Director at Legendary Interiors,
"The 1969 [Dodge] album says nothing about green mod anywhere. The 1970 album at first glance does not mention green mod anywhere also, but after looking real hard I found a clue. Dodge made corrections in the dealer albums by putting a piece of white tape over information that was either incorrect or discontinued. After taking a razor blade to one of these pieces of tape in the 70 Dodge vinyl top section I found the V1H vinyl top code. I have attached the entire 70 Dodge vinyl top page [...] along with a close up on the V1H section that I carefully uncovered."
1970 Dodge Color and Trim Book:
1970 Dodge Trim Book

(Closeup of the V1H section that was uncovered):

Closeup of area that was covered over in 1970 Dodge Trim book
Thus, at one point, Ma MoPar was thinking about offering the V1H ModTop on the 1970 Challengers and Darts! Wonder what changed their minds? Could have been Extra Hemi Groovy!

"Paisley" material

A side note on the term "Paisley" as opposed to "Mod" or "Floral"; I consider the flowery vinyl tops of 1969 and 1970 on Plymouths and Dodges as "Mod" and the paisley pattern that came on some 1970 Plymouths and 1971 Imperial LeBarons as "Paisley" and do not intermix the two terms. However, some do mix those terms and it can get confusing when one talks of the wild vinyl tops offered by MoPar!

By the way, Legendary Interiors has (7) (yes, seven) 1971 4 door Chrysler Imperial Lebaron "paisley" or "Brown Mod" tops available. Check them out here (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Also, Van Dyke Dodge in Detroit offered their own version of the ModTop as evidenced in this article

And, check out these Product Information Bulletins (PIBs) from Hamtramck Historical regarding the ModTops.


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