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  1. 1010tires.com - Tire & Wheel
    1010tires.com is the absolute authority on tires and wheels featuring hundreds of high-performance, aftermarket wheels and tires.
  2. 1st Aboard - Auto Transport Resource
    1st Aboard Transport

    Just bought that '71 Hemi Cuda you've been dreaming about, but it's all the way across the country? Need to transport it from there to your house? Try 1st Aboard! This is a free auto and boat transport board where individuals can post vehicles to receive quotes from multiple carriers.

  3. 5 Star Shine
    Are you looking for the Longest Lasting and the BEST Quality Car Polish EVER MADE?

  4. '61 to '71 Dodge Truck Home Page
    As the Moparman says on this page, "Drive it! Restore it! Garage it if you have to, but don't let this happen to your Dodge truck!" He has junkyard scenes that would make Ma MoPar cry. Check out Moparman's truck, some engine pics, and an excellent parts reference, too.

  5. 1962 R & S Series Chrysler Valiant (Australian) Car Club
    From "Down Unda": join the ~70 members of this club specialising in Aussie Chryslers, especially the '62 Valiant. The "fine example of automotive design and styling prowess" Valiant is similar to the Dodge Lancer of that era, so if you're interested in the Q, R or S series Valiant, or the Lancer, then you'll find a warm welcome here. There's some great pictures, write ups and links, and if you need parts or cars, check here. Installing A/C with your Slant 6 Valiant? There are tips on how to do that, too.

  6. The 1962-1965 Mopar Web Site
    Remember Hodges Dodges? The Candystripers! This neat site has lots of info on your favorite early B-Bodies. There's links to fellow '62-'65 MoPar lovers, a gallery of pictures, a reference section complete with 'ratings', restoration tips (including a link to VIN decode info), and some cool vintage advertisements!

  7. The 1966 Plymouth Valiant Signet Convertible
    Site review provided by Rom Muszynski:
    A very informative site, with lots of good photographs of the Plymouth Valiant Signet, both color and black and white. Lots of details about this particular model, that are very useful and not readily available, definitely a site to visit if you own one of these cars, or are thinking of buying one in the future, or just simply if you like the little compact Plymouth convertibles.

  8. The 1969 Chrysler Page
    If you love the Big Iron, the '69 Chryslers, then drop in and check out the links, pictures and technical information on your favorite Full-Size Mopar. (Did you know that the wagon models were only 0.1" longer than the cars)??

  9. 69 1/2 Six Pack/6 Barrel Registry
    So, you have a 1969 1/2 SuperBee or Roadrunner with a 440 6-pack (trio of Holleys), Fresh Air lift-off hood and 4:10 rearend? Then, zip on over to this registry and add your rare Mopar! Join the 10+ cars that have already registered. There's also info on these haulin' Mopars, and a photo gallery to boot.

  10. 70 Road Runner and GTX Registry Website
    The site is dedicated to sharing information regarding 1970 Road Runner and GTX's. This registry was started for these cars about 3 years ago. The site is an introduction to what the registry is and what the goals are. Other pages include interesting articles regarding these cars and a couple of pages that present facts and figures regarding the cars in the registry. For example, there are 606 cars registered, 275 of which are GTX's and the rest are RR's. There are charts showing the breakdown of color's of all the cars, how many cars have air grabber hoods, how many are 4 speeds, etc. Great site!

  11. 440's Mopar Place
    Pictures, links, NASCAR Intrepid!

  12. AAR 'Cuda Registry
    All American Racers. Dan Gurney. Who could forget those awesome side exhaust tips? You have found the most comprehensive site on the net for all things Plymouth AAR Cuda and home of the Plymouth AAR Cuda Registry. Please register your AAR Cuda with here.

  13. A Body Mopar Forum
    We are the Largest online community of A Body Mopar Owners on the Internet!

  14. A1 Auto Restoration
    We offer complete Restorations for classics and musclecars.

  15. Accurate LTD - Since 1975; Exhaust Products for Mopars

    "Quality and performance at reasonable prices"

    "If it isn't bent right, it isn't Accurate"

    We are a member of the Mopar Collector's Guide Merchant's Association, so you can buy with confidence. We manufacture Exhaust Products for your A, B, or E Body Mopar, plus we sell stainless tips, hangers and miscellaneous other items for your classic Mopar.

    All of our exhaust systems are custom made for your car and put onto a "jig" car to ensure it has the exact fit. Our systems can be bolted on in 10 minutes.

    Have a look at our site for many more details. We ship internationally.

  16. Aero Warrior's Web Page
    Excellent resource on the famed Superbird and Daytona. In what year were the Winged Warriors effectively outlawed? You'll find it here. Remember Ramo Stott? There's a pic of his 'bird here. Check it out!
    Drag Racing Hub - History of Drag Racing, Facts, List of North American Race Tracks, NHRA Rules at RaceGenie.com

  17. Allied Metrics Oil Seals
    Allied Metrics is a full service manufacturer and distributor of quality hydraulic seals, oil seals and pneumatic seals.

  18. AllPar: Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Central
    You will not find a more comprehensive AllPar place anywhere else on the Web! It is well organized, easily navigated, and loaded with information on your favorite AllPar. There's a Help page, including troubleshooting and hints on dealing with crabby dealers, an extensive FAQ, lots of links and more. If you're a AllParian, this is the place for you!

  19. Al's Mopars and Chase Cars
    A private collection of 1:18 scale diecast models of Mopar Musclecars from the '50's, '60's and '70's.

  20. Alzheimer's BBQ and Car Drawing
    The Brevard (county in Florida) Alzheimer's Foundation gives away one classic Mopar every year to raise money to care for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. We've given away Cudas, Road Runners, Super Bee's, Chargers, Coronets, and a SUPER BIRD!

  21. AJ's Classic Lenses
    All kinds of lights for all kinds of vehicles. I have an inventory taillights, park lights, turn lights, side markers, backup lights, interior lights, custom lights, etc. which ranges from the 20's through the 70's and 80's. The Taillight King!

  22. American Tire, Wheels, Tires in Anaheim, Bakersfield, Barstow, and Burbank
    Offers affordable car tires and wheels in Southern California including Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Van Nuys, Santa Monica, and Whittier.

  23. Andy440's Home Page
    Site review provided by Rom Muszynski:
    Dedicated to the 'Scat Pack' Dodges from 1968 to 1970. Great graphics make this site very lively and interesting to visit. Lots of good pics of the big boys. If you want to see what one of these cars looked like, this is the place to do so (The pic of the blue 1969 Coronet R/T is a knockout)!!!

  24. Antique & Vintage Car Restorations in NJ
    Car restoration in what we do - antique, classic, vintage, and muscle car restoration - all from our shop in Layton, NJ.

  25. APT Instruments International
    Speedometer and gauge repair, conversion, restoration. Digital, analog, mechanical, electric. All makes, models, years. Custom or factory artwork for dials and odometers. Also clock conversions. Mopars are one of our specialties. Quick turnaround!

  26. The A-Team: Valiant and Friends
    Informative, extensive data on the venerable A-body, with links, repair tips, stories, pictures and more.

  27. Auto Mechanic
    Auto Mechanic is the premier blog for car maintenance tutorial. Every article posted provides an inside look into basic and advanced troubleshooting.

  28. Automega Line Body Kits and Ground Effects
    CustomAutoTrim.Com specializes in Body Kits and Ground Effects

  29. Automobile Trimmings Co.
    Manufacturer of Door Seals, Edge Trims, Carpet, Rubber Matting, Wool Fabric & Accessories for the Car & Upholstery Trade. Wholesale only.

  30. The Automotive Artwork of Danny L Whitfield
    High Quality Prints for everlasting memories of the Automobile! Here’s an incredible opportunity to start or increase your Automotive Art collection with these highly sought after fine art prints. A wide selection of mopar muscle!

  31. Auto Parts and Accessories
    Offers a wide variety of auto parts and accessories, car parts, truck parts, and automotive parts.

  32. Auto Parts Warehouse
    We sell replacement and performance parts and accessories.

  33. AutoTwirler - Automotive Rotisseries, Body Carts, Dollies and Car Casters
    If you're replacing floor pans or trunk pans or serious about your restoration, the top brand automotive rotisserie, AutoTwirler, is a must. Get that work out in front of you so you can see it, do a better job, and in a fraction of the time crawling around upside down on a creeper. AutoTwirler is the rotisserie company for you. Also, carrying body carts and car casters. Get On Top with AutoTwirler.

  34. B Body Mopar Forum
    We are the Largest online community of B Body Mopar Owners on the Internet!

  35. BCR Products
    Billet aluminum main caps for BB mopars. Fix the weak link on your two bolt block with the original billet main caps. BCRproducts caps

  36. Best Mopar Classifieds
    Classic, Muscle & Street Rod Classifieds!

  37. Best Synthetic
    If you're looking for the absolute BEST synthetic motor oils and lubricants, you've found the right site. Even though the big oil companies have finally embraced synthetic lubes in the last decade and touted them as revolutionary, it was AMSOIL who introduced the FIRST synthetic motor oil in 1972. Today, AMSOIL lubricants are still the best money can buy and can back up that claim with facts that the competition can't refute.

  38. Bikesters, an Adventure in Racing and Technology by: Fred Vosk
    Bikesters is a G-rated - safe for all ages site. Fun for Kids ... (Big Kids too)! A HEMI POWERED BIKE - and more

  39. Bishko Automotive Books
    Specialists in hard to find Mopar literature for cars and trucks, including shop manuals, parts books, owners manuals, sales literature, dealer albums, etc. Email to bishkobook@aol.com or telephone 1-800-544-3312.

  40. Blue Star Performance
    Blue star carries a large and ever changing selection of NOS, Used, & Reproduction parts. We have been parting and restoring cars for over 20 years so we know where and how the parts work. Our used inventory consists of parts for A-B-C & E-Bodies; engine parts, carbs, manifolds, driveline, rear ends, transmissions, 4 speed stuff, radiators, interior stuff, mouldings, grilles, tail lights and much more.

  41. Bob West Muscle Cars
    Specializes in Mopar car sales, restoration, & parts- Site lists current & past projects.

  42. Brake Pads
    Find high performance brake parts at guaranteed great prices! Choose from premium Italian, German, and U.S. rotor manufacturers such as Brembo, Zimmerman, Rotex, Axxis, Hawk, Ceramicool & stainless steel lines from Goodridge, Russell at Brakeworld.com

  43. Brake Parts Store – Discount Brake Drums and Rotors
    Auto Parts Place offers wholesale prices on brake parts for your car.

  44. C Body Mopar Forum
    We are the Largest online community of C Body Mopar Owners on the Internet!

  45. California MoPars
    David Mikkelson collects, buys, sells and locates Mopars for others around the world.

  46. Campbell Enterprises
    Specializing in Mopars since 1978, Campbell Enterprises in Richmond, VA offers Mopar Performance, Ross, Manley, JW Performance and TSI parts for Mopars. Do you need an engine built for racing or a rebuild for your muscle car? How about a manual or auto tranny? If it's Mopar, then Campbell Enterprises can serve you.

  47. Cams Custom Paint and Collision
    Mopar restoration and hot rod shop

  48. Capital City Mopars
    From Sacremento, CA - check out the upcoming Events, Member's cars and even a raffle!

  49. Car Cover World
    Custom car covers for every vehicle make and model. We can even do custom designed patterns for tricked out or custom cars.

  50. Cars for a Grand
    A site that lists used cars for sale for under $1,000, all makes and models. All real used cars, nothing over a thousand bucks.

  51. Charger Specialties
    Specializing in Repro parts for your Muscle Car! Dodge, Plymouth & Chrysler Cars and Trucks, 1966 through 1974. You can get diestamped sheet metal, plastic injection, cast and CNC Machined parts. Charger Specialties is your source for most sheet metal & cosmetic parts. WE MANUFACTURE SHEET METAL RUST REPAIR PARTS FOR 68-70 CHARGERS. WE ALSO MAKE IN HOOD TURNSIGNAL LIGHTS - COMPLETE WITH WIRING . WE HAVE SOMW GASKETS AVAILABLE AND NEW PARTS SOON TO BE PRODUCED !!

  52. Christian Motorsports Illustrated Online
    Put on the armor of Light. Then go to this site! It covers MoPars, plus others, but all have in common a love for the Saviour, Jesus. You'll find info on how to join and serve in the Christian Street Machines organization, info on issues of this informative magazine, links, testimonies, Christian businesses and more.

  53. Walter P. Chrysler (WPC) Club
    If you're in the Great White North Vancouver Island region, you'll want to visit with this WPC Chrysler Product Restorers Club home page. Even if you live anywhere else in the world, you should still check out information on the worldwide WPC club and peruse some nifty pics of WPC's finest.

  54. Chrysler 5th Avenue Page
    What was Chrysler's last RWD car? The 5th Avenue! Produced from '83 to '89, it was powered by a 318/3-speed Torqueflite. If you need info on this car, you'll probably find it here. There are specs, VIN info, lots of pics, production numbers and more. If you own one of these fine cars, you'll want to add yours to the 5th Avenue Registry.

  55. Chrysler 300 Club International
    Founded in 1969, the Chrysler 300 Club has several chapters across the US that are dedicated to restoring and preserving these beautiful but powerful cars. You'll find information on several different model years, as well as upcoming events and get togethers. You ain't seen nothing until you've seen a '61 300! <-- updated 20170112 -->

  56. Chrysler's Turbine Car
    Relive the infamous moment when a family received their Turbine Car - complete with a speech from J.M. Sturm, Manager - Plymouth Product Planning and Chief Engineer, Chrysler Corporation! There is extensive technical and background information on this rare car, including info on the specific alloy Chrysler used in the turbine wheels. If you're interested in the Turbine car at all, then this site is a must visit for you!

  57. Classic Car Marketplace
    We are here for one purpose, TO HELP BRING CLASSIC CAR BUYERS AND SELLERS TOGETHER! We specialize in easy to place, affordable, and effective "for sale" ads with or without a photograph. We have pages to help you in your quest for that perfect vehicle. You can choose from shipping, appraisals, clubs, events, museums, parts, or check out our link page. Whether you are here to do some serious shopping, here to sell that prized possession, or just here to browse, enjoy your stay, and let us know if we can help to make it better.

  58. Classic Muscle Cars
    Are you looking for a Classic Muscle Cars? Logon to www.classicautonetwork.com to find out top quality muscle cars offering special treatment to very special people.

  59. Cool's Six Pack Superbee Page
    This is a Photo gallery devoted to the 1969 1/2 Dodge Superbee! The site contains production information, including numbers! A classifieds page, Parts, Links, Friends cars, and Superbee collectables! Many photos of Lift Off Superbee's and other Rare Superbees as well! Much Much More!

  60. Cooter's Auto Manuals
    Hundreds of auto owners manuals are available for all makes and models of cars and trucks. Manuals are added frequently so if you don't see what you want please check back.

  61. Cuda Challenger Message Board
    Cuda-Challenger.com is a community of owners and fans of the best two muscle cars made, the Dodge Challenger and the Plymouth Barracuda.

  62. Custom Auto Classifieds
    Custom Auto Classifieds, Custom Car Parts, Custom Car News, Ride Show Off. Sell your Custom Car, get the latest Custom Car News or just Show Off your Ride

  63. Custom wheels and chrome rims at Wheel Tech Tuning
    Offers chrome and custom wheels, car rims, tires, and auto accessories including brand names AMG, Akuza, Incubus, Diablo and Zenetti.

  64. Dakota Truck Net
    If you have a Dakota, or even a Durango, and you haven't already stopped by this site, then what are you waiting for? With such a wide variety of Dak information, such as how to join the 730+ member-strong Dakota Mailing List (DML), to Dakota VIN decoding, to a parts resource, to info on group buys (at reduced costs!), to info on the DML IRC Chat, to where to meet fellow Dakota owners, to DML rides and more, you simply can't go wrong here. This site is well laid out and extremely helpful for Dak owners and Dak wannabees. Don't forget to roll your mouse over the Dodge emblems on the main page for a nice effect.

  65. Dakota R/T Registry
    OK, so you've checked out the Dakota Truck Net (see link directly above), but you have one of those limited edition Dakota R/T's, and want info specifically for your "...Tire Liquefying Muscle Truck" (Motor Trend, May '98). Here's the place for you! You can register your Dakota R/T to let others know about it, check out other R/T's and how they've been modified, and place your want ad, too. There's also a mailing list to join!

  66. Dakota R/T Zone
    Devoted to the Limited Production Dodge Dakota R/T.

  67. Dalmac Products
    Your # 1 Cutom Hot Rod Machine Shop. We specialize in the one of akind and protoype parts for your muscle car and hotrod. We currently stock items for B & RB engines.

  68. Homepage DeSoto!
    Splendid page chock full of info on the classic DeSoto. You'll find sounds, history, pics, links, classifieds, info on the National DeSoto Club and more. Visit with this MoPar icon today.

  69. Detroit Iron Information Systems
    Offering pre-1979 MoPar (and Brand X) FACTORY shop manuals on CD-ROM. Distributors wanted. Contact Jim at 1-800-893-8122 or jst2622551@aol.com

  70. Dieselstation - Fuel for your Desktop
    High Resolution Exotic Car Wallpapers for all the exotic cars on this planet.

  71. Discount Tires
    Mavis Discount Tire, with over 100 locations in the North East, is a leading dealer of discount tires online and in the North East. MavisTire.com shoppers can easily find the top-quality discount tires they're looking for and at a great price with our new "You Name The Price" feature. Tires can be shipped quickly to a home or office, or installed at a nearby Mavis tire center.

  72. Dodge A100 Vans and Trucks
    Lots of references for the A100's

  73. Dodge Dakota R/T Registry
    If you just like 'em, or if you drive one, you ought to stop by this Dak R/T registry. Straight from the mouth of Ma MoPar is info on how many R/T's were sold thru August '98. There are also articles from car/truck magazines, some reader's rides, and, of course, a registry, so you can keep track of these potent, cool-looking trucks.

  74. Dodge Dakota
    Serving Dodge Dakota truck enthusiasts with a free interactive site including a multitude of services such as Photographs, Links, Message Boards, Free Classified Ads, Mailing Lists, Online Chat Room , Contests, and much more.

  75. Dodge Diplomat - Farley's Page
    Well, just who is Farley, you ask? On this well-designed website, you find that he is a 1979 Dodge Diplomat. A car that has been totalled three times, this trooper of a MoPar is obviously beloved by his owner, as evidenced by the loving care of and extensive documentation on this car! If you're touched by the Farley story, you can even contribute to his restoration fund! As you're singing the Farley song (to the tune of Speed Racer), don't forget to also check in on Patricia the LeBaron.

  76. Dodge Forum
    Serving Dodge enthusiasts with an interactive site including forums, photographs, links, message boards, free classified ads, mailing list, online chat forum, contests, and much more.

  77. Dodge Intrepid.net
    Your premier source for Chrysler LH platform information.

  78. DodgeTalk
    Go talk Dodges!

    DodgeTalk.com is a community made up of all ages and backgrounds joined together by one common interest.......DODGE! We love our vehicles and more importantly, we love to help others get the most out of owning a Dodge. Whether it be a Ram to a Neon....Viper to a vintage Challenger....Off-Road to the Race-Track...this is the place you want to be!

  79. Dodge Truck Parts
    At Dodge Truck Parts, you'll find it easy to navigate and locate the Dodge parts you need and we offer competitive wholesale pricing on all Mopar OEM parts.

  80. Dodge Viper Magazine
    VIPER Magazine is a quarterly publication which covers everything about the Dodge Viper from design and manufacturing to tech tips, racing and Viper Club of America activities.

  81. DragTimes.com - Drag Racing Timeslip Database
    Online database of 1/4 mile drag racing timeslips & discussion forums.

  82. Duke's Doodles
    Custom pencil and ink portrait of YOUR car hand drawn from your favorite photo. Other original art and prints also available.

  83. DOn DulmaGE's website
    Cool name. Not many of us have a Mopar hidden in there! Don's page is short and sweet; if you're a Moparian, he'd like to swap stories, tips, tricks, etc., 'cause he's a "Mopar Man, Auto Mech, Auto Machinist, Freelance Writer, Believer," and if you can't get him online, get him on the air (HAM VE3LYX). He's most familiar with the 383/440's, V-10 trucks, and the 380 (yes, 380), so drop him a line. Copy that?

  84. Duke's Doghouse
    Home of the Excalibur '71 Charger.

  85. E Body Mopar Forum
    We are the Largest online community of E Body Mopar Owners on the Internet!

  86. The Early Barracuda Club
    We are a club dedicated to Plymouth Barracudas from 1964 to 1966.

  87. Emblemagic
    You need emblems or badges? Those real hard to find ones? Their "specialties include the enamel or cloisonné emblem" and can also restore your plastic emblems. While there are a few kinds that they cannot restore, you should check them out to place the perfect finishing touches on your Mopar!

  88. Enclosed Trailers
    All Pro Trailer Superstore has a broad product line of Enclosed Trailer For Sale, including a full line of Enclosed Cargo Trailers, Enclosed Car Trailers, Race Car Trailers and more.

  89. Fast Cool Cars
    The Number one cool car website on the Internet. A website for everyone with a fast cool car, or for those that just want to see them. Send in your car pictures and we will post them here. A must for your favorite folder.

  90. Fireball Coatings
    As tested on a 1969 Dart GTS, Fireball Coatings uses a wide range of state of the art protective coatings. The product we use is a aluminum ceramic insulator that polishes to a high lustre shine. When used properly it can decrease under hood temperatures by as much as 50 degrees and gain 1-3 percent horsepower. Proven tests have shown with all internal engine parts coated with a thermal heat barrier compound and headers coated in and out the engine gained a enormous 65 Horsepower. Less heat means less friction and more horsepower. Think of us for your next application.

  91. Florida MoPar Association
    "Florida Mopar Association, Inc. is an association of Mopar Clubs in the state of Florida. The FMA was formed to promote car- related hobbies for Mopar enthusiasts and to unite the Mopar clubs in Florida. The FMA sponsors the largest all Mopar Car Show and Swap Meet in the Southeast at Don Garlits' Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala, Florida. Mopars with Big Daddy is a two-day EVENT held the first weekend of November, rain or shine."

  92. The Forward Look Network
    Home of the 1955-1961 MoPar mailing list, discussion forums, and web site.

  93. Foster Motors, Middlebury VT
    Foster Motors is a Chrysler 5-star Award Winner, and their web site is on the way to awards, too. Make sure to zoom over to this site with a Netscape or Internet Explorer 3.0 or later browser to get the full effect! From Sales and Service, to everything from A-B-and-E bodies to LHS's, from lowrider Dak's to record-breaking Superbirds, you'll find pictures and info here. Check out their Cyber-Salesman Feature, where you can browse the 'Net and find the car you want, then email Foster Motors with your needs.

  94. Franco`s 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 340
    Franco says, "The respect these performance A-body cars received on the street is embedded in the asphalt." Yeah! This site is a good resource for the '70 Swinger 340, including a Photo Gallery with some great (albeit quite large) pics (you're welcome to add yours), brief 340 info, links, info on the D.A.R.T.S. Registry, ads of the time, and even a pic from the 1970 Dodge Scat Pack sales brochure with Charlie Allen, a famous Dart funny car racer saying, "The giant killer is here!" A Swingin' site.

  95. "Fuselage Website"
    The must-visit site for all lovers of the 1969 - 1973 Chrysler, Imperial, Plymouth Fury and Dodge Monaco and Dodge Polara. Many contemporary pictures!

  96. Gears are Us
    There's a lot of BrandX stuff to wade through, but if you're needing a gear or other parts for your MoPar, you might want to check out these guys. They not only have gears, but a whole bunch of other tools and information to help you with your car.

  97. Get 'Er Sideways: A Story about a Muscle Car and its Couple
    Great new book featuring a Mopar Muscle Car pitted against Pontiacs, Chevys and Fords Back in the Day. It's also a story about the author miraculously finding this car again after decades, and getting it back. All the stories are true!

  98. Get it in the Sphere
    This is a site for owners and lovers of dodge stratus, sebring, cirrus, or other mopar cars.

  99. Goodspeed Motoring
    OK, you've done the grunt work of welding, cutting, scraping, sanding, degreasing, breaking fingernails, hammering your thumb, and your MoPar is ready for the show. Or is it? Check out these products to make your car shine like it should! From waxes to polishes, to even a printable list for your glovebox of grooming tips for your MoPar (or any car). The proprietor has been involved in the Concours d'Elegance circuit as a judge, and also owns and operates a custom detailing shop. With over a decade of experience, this auto detail information web site will help you preserve your automobile.

  100. Greenval.info
    Website of greenval doing what it does best, smoking tyres. With pictures and videos and more.

  101. The Official HemiXpress Website
    What's big, loud, ORANGE and rides on its rear wheels down the quartermile? The HemiXpress! It is a 1965 Dodge A-100 pickup truck built by the legendary Bob "Hemi Under Glass" Riggle. It is now owned and driven by Marty Mohr. This nostalgic vehicle is a full frame, steel bodied truck powered by a 2000 horsepower "Blown" alcohol hemi. Look for him at your national Mopar shows!

  102. Hemming's Motor News
    The "bible" of the collector car hobby since 1954, you can find this publication on your newsstand. Although not dedicated to MoPar, you can advertise for that hard to find part for your Mope. There's links, Legislative Alerts, Stolen Car listings and much more.

  103. Lee Herman's MOPAR page
    An appealing site that features a nice 69 Dart GT 'Vert, as well as info on the Long Island Chrysler Ass'n, and the MOPAR Power Club of Long Island. If you'd like to see some great MoPar literature or Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia plus a very extensive links page complete with writeups (which inspired me to do the same!), this is the place for you! Check out his site search engine to find the stuff you're looking for.

  104. HID Conversion Kit
    HID conversion kit resource website. How to install xenon kits, relay harness information, hid projectors and more!

  105. Hoffman's Winners Circle-Reproduction Parts Division
    Hoffman's Winners Circle is a family owned and operated business designed to provide enthusiasts of MoPar muscle cars with new and used restoration supplies. We have many exclusive items, as well as NOS, reproduction, and excellent used stock. With over 20 years of service in the hobby, we speak MoPar!

  106. The House of Mopar
    Smokin' the tires and lots of links.

  107. The Houston MoPar Connection Club
    Interested in Mopar happenings in Texas? Then stop on in at the cyber garage of the largest Mopar club in the Lone Star State. They have an annual Show and Shine meet that'll be guar-ahn-teed to knock your Stetson off!

  108. Imperial Home Page
    What do you want to know about Chrysler's Imperial? It is here! This is the home of the Imperial Mailing List, and its tips and resource archives. There are links to Imperials in the Movies, clubs, artwork, even goodies such as an Imperial tatoo! Or maybe you'd like to check out the pictures of the cars that attended the 1997 Imperial Meet at Sonora. Tony Lindsey, your "Imperial Leader" has been gathering and cataloging this information for well over a decade. If you're interested at all in Imperials, this is your site!

  109. Imperial Services
    Specializing in those hard-to-find transmission and Floating Power mounts with polyurethane bushings for your Mopar, as well as other specialty items.

  110. Import Catalytic Converter
    Catalytic Converters for all imports - Full line of High Quality OES and Aftermarket Catalytic Converters. Top quality parts, low prices and free shipping.

  111. Jack's 68 Imperial Page
    Check out Jack's 1968 Imperial Crown 4 Door Hardtop.

  112. JC Auto
    Offering electrical and mechanical restoration service for Chrysler product automobiles.

  113. Jill Reger Automotive Fine Art Photography
    My name is Jill Reger and I am an automotive fine art photographer. I have a website to show off my work and hopefully spread the word that I have over 3000 automotive photographs ranging from horseless carriages to supercars available for purchase. As an endorsement of my work, I'm being followed by Hemmings News, MotorTrend, Car and Driver among others on twitter.

  114. Jim's Auto Parts
    "A Comparison that's No Comparison!" Are you needing that one last part to finish up your restoration? How about a whole bucket of parts when you're just starting that resto? Check out this site for all your MoPar needs. They have a 750 page catalog you can order, MoPar Performance parts, Apparel and collectibles and more. There's lots of stuff here - cruise on by!

  115. Chic and Nancy Kramer's Chrysler 300 and Imperial Page
    A splendid resource for your Chrysler 300, including production numbers and club info.

  116. Layson's Restorations
    Specializing in A-body & Other Chrysler produced vehicles.

  117. Frank Long's Toys
    Along with his pride and joy, a nice '70 318 Duster, you can wander through the highlights of the biggest MoPar shows! The Nats, Southern Classic, Monster MoPar Weekend, and the MoPar Collector's Guide Display await you. Need MoPar Mailing List how tos? They're here as well.

  118. Lowcountry MoPars
    Yes, South Carolina, there is a MoPar Club, just for you! Visit with LowCountry MoPars, and you'll find information on their club, including their annual MoPar Meet in October, and membership instructions. You'll find a nice surprise at the bottom of the page! They're truly "Preserving the Pentastar!"

  119. MagnumForce Race Car Fabrication
    Wanna go racing? Need some expert advice or specialized fabrication for your Pro Street, Drag car or Street rod? Ever had a need to soup up a Military Tank? You can get all the info and help you need here. Parts, too, including safety equipment, Barry Grant fuel systems, Wilwood disc brakes, and more. Their creations have been in MoPar Collector's Guide and Drive Magazine amongst others. Vrrrrooooom!

  120. Mancini Racing
    Great site for all your MoPar needs! Parts, tips, help, order online; this site is well laid out and a good resource for any Mopar lover. Everyone knows Mancini racers at the strip and most restorers know them, too; you can have performance parts (including MoPar Performance) at your doorstep within days. We've personally done business with Mancini Racing over the years and can recommend not only their parts and prices, but their tech knowledge, too. Check them out!

  121. MIG Auto Transport
    Auto transport throughout the United States. All of our prices are guaranteed because we own our trucks.

  122. MityMounts - DynaTech Engineering
    Get your Lifetime Warranted muscle car motor mounts

  123. MoPar Chat!
    When you need to know something MoPar, where do you go? To your buddy that has a '72 Valiant sitting in the back of the garage covered in dust while he runs some BrandX thing on the street? I suggest you head to this MoPar hangout and chat with other MoPar aficionados. It's the place to discuss all things MoPar!

  124. The MoPar Club of San Diego
    There's lots and lots of MoPar stuff here, including one of the best named newsletters I've seen in a long time, "The PentaGram!" Check out the pictures, links, and info on what day and time the Club regularly meets. <-- Updated URL 12/26/16 -->

  125. MoPar Experience!
    Site review provided by Alan "MoparMax" Claxton:
    This club's website is maintained by club president Tony McLean, and a great website it is. Many of the member's cars are featured, and Tony's personal collection is headlined by his one-owner 1973 Roadrunner, documented by Galen Govier. Tony has a great sense of humor (they have solved the Wayne County break-in), but he is dead serious about trying to convince Mother MoPar to revive the V8-RWD cars. Go check out MoPar Experience, and show your support to get new Mopes out ruling the streets again.

  126. Moparfest - Canada's Largest Mopar Event!
    Moparfest is the largest all Mopar/AMC event in Canada. We expect to have well over 1,500 collector and special interest Mopars at our shows and over 15,000 people in attendance.

    It is held in New Hamburg Ontario Canada. (1 hour from Toronto, 3 hrs from Buffalo)

    This event is held annually in August for two purposes:

  127. MoPar Forum - For A-Bodies Only
    A great Mopar community dedicated to A-Body Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler automobiles.

  128. MoPar Garage [New!]
    Mopar Garage is dedicated to the Chrysler LLC brand of the 60's and 70's Muscle Car era, Modern SRT products and the Legendary Viper. These high performance cars have fascinated enthusiasts for generations and they continue to deliver superior designs

  129. MoPar Manuals on CD-ROM
    By Muscle Cars, L.L.C. 1914-1989 Factory Service Manuals and Part Books; Cars - Trucks - Motorhomes; A Licensed by Chrysler LLC Product.

  130. Mopar Mecca
    We are a "Mopar Only" Engine, and Restoration Shop. We build Mopar race engines of all sizes and types for all sorts of racing. We also restore Mopar's and build "Custom Only" Mopar Hot Rods. MoparMecca is the parts department for the engine shop as well as an on-line resource for restoration and High Performance Parts specifically for Mopars.

  131. MoPar Mel's Classic Car Restorations of Minnesota
    So you like fins, huh? Big fins? Then Mel's place is the place for you! Do you have a favorite ride anywhere between '56 and '66? Then cruise on over to this site for some awesome restorations and pictures. Mel does the restos; he even has videos available for you to check out his vast MoPar collection and his resto handiwork.

  132. MoPar Muscle Magazine Page
    One of the premiere MoPar magazines, at this site you can find articles, chat in a forum, find tech info, check out the latest issue, and even subscribe online!

  133. Mopar Nuts!
    Home of "Mopar Central," the place for "Roadrunners, 'Cudas and Dusters...oh my!" The Mopar Nuts are striving to have a place for all MoPar lovers (car and truck) to come meet, fellowship, and exchange information. There are links, NASCAR info, history, parts and pictures.

  134. MoPar Parts on the Web
    Another great place to find that part or car you've been looking for. You can also check out the MoPar Pic of the Month and other cool MoPars. Don't forget to stop in at Tom's garage!

  135. The Mopar Ponderosa
    Giddyap on over to the Mopar Ponderosa, a great source for E-body cars and parts for sale on the web. It's "a Slice of Mopar Heaven!"

  136. Mopars by Crane
    1962-74 Mopar parts and restoration services. New, used and reproduction parts available. Complete restoration services for your Mopar.

  137. Mopars for Sale
    Buy or sell classic Mopars. Ads are free to post

  138. MoPars in Barns
    A site not for the faint of heart! See rotting Mopar carcasses, in barns, yards, fields, etc. Enough to make Ma Mopar cry. If you ever wanted to restore a poor, neglected Mopar, this is the inspriational place for you.

  139. MoParStyle Racing
    In a nutshell, Moparstyle started a few years back as my plan for a full-featured Mopar Internet Community. First was a collection of forums, then a history web site, a collection of Mopar photo albums, a chat room, a racing site, a comprehensive Mopar Links site, and finally a Free Classified Ad web site. The plan is to try to put together a very large Mopar voice that can positively influence more Mopar racing and restorations.

  140. Mopar Wheelcovers - Hubcaps.com

    Factory original hubcaps, hub caps, hubcap, hub cap, wheelcovers, wheel covers, wheelcover, wheel cover and used center caps.

  141. Muscle Car Restorations Home Page
    Did you see that awesome 1958 Chrysler 300D Convertible at the '97 Nats? (We took a bunch of pics of it ourselves!) Along with taking top honors for Best of Show, it left a large one wheel peel black streak down the drag strip during the show winners presentation! That car was restored by the folks at Muscle Car Restorations in Chippewa Falls, WI, so obviously they not only made it look great, but it ran great, too! Check out the other complete and partial restorations they've done, including a '68 Hemi Dart and factory Hemi Barracuda, and also the ones in progress, including a '70 R/T, '67 GTX and '70 'Bee 440-6. Brand X'ers take heed - they can restore Chevys and Fords as well.

  142. Muscle Cars Home Page
    Not completely MoPar, but if you're looking for a picture of a certain prize MoPar for resto purposes, or whatever, there's a slew of them here (230+). If you're in the Gettysburg, PA area, there's also some good info on local cruises, including pix! A very nice picture archive for all makes.

  143. My Classic Car with Dennis Gage - on TNN.
    It's not all MoPar, but it's still cool! This site has been recently redesigned and it's a winner. This is the "World Wide Web home of the Certified Car Nut." You'll find Club MCC, Motormart (for parts, automobilia, literature, salvage yards, etc.), links, restoration tips from the Resto Garage, Fun and Games, marketplace, TV episode guide Feature Articles, and much more. Happy Motoring!

  144. My Favorite Mopar
    A? B? E? Look for your favorite Mopar here.

  145. My Friends and I
    We manufacture classic car checkbook covers. We offer them on our website at retail prices ($ 4.95 each). At this time we have a selection of Classic Mopar, Ford, Chevy and more. These checkbook covers are quality photographic images of incredible artwork using our clients classic cars. Take a look and see for yourself !

  146. MyMopar.com
    MyMopar.com, the most complete and fastest growing online source for all things Mopar. FREE Mopar Swap Meet Forums, Tech Forums, Online Tools, and much more.

  147. The unofficial Neon web site
    Hi. You want Neon info? You've come to the right place! Starting with the airborne Neon on the intro page, you'll be impressed by this Neon site. Owner's info, web sites, links, mailing list, N.E.O.N. (Neon Enthusiasts), FAQ, accessories, parts, much more. Do you have a Neon specific question? You're amongst friends, have at it. Hi!

  148. NetCarShow.com
    NetCarShow.com offers thousands of high quality car pictures and car wallpapers. All makes. All models. Classic cars, muscle cars, exotic cars, supercars, everyday cars - we've got them all!

  149. Northern Mopars Auto Club
    Canada's most active Mopar club website for Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler enthusiasts! You'll find cool MoPar apparel, profiles of Member's rides, including a Far Out '68 A-100 Pickup, a FAQ, an event calendar and a parts buy and sell area. Visit them, eh?

  150. Okanagan MoPars
    The club enjoys a good rapport and is in constant communication with the majority of Mopar Clubs in Western and Eastern Canada, and also the Pacific Northwestern United States. Our mission statement is simple yet effective- Have fun and be part of a family orientated club with the greatest car people on earth, THE MOPAR PEOPLE!

  151. OldMopar.com
    This site is dedicated to information about P15 Plymouths and D29 & D30 Dodges from the 1946-1949 era.

  152. PantherPink.com
    PantherPink.com is dedicated to factory Panther Pink and Moulin Rouge Mopars (paint code FM3). One of the wildest colors to come out of an American automobile company. Lots of photos and information on these cars. Get your car listed.

  153. PartsHotlines Used Auto Parts Search
    Real time used auto parts search from salvage yards across the country

  154. Parts Train
    Buy import car parts, discount auto parts, import performance parts and discount truck accessories parts online at discount prices.

  155. Peo's '57-'58 Plymouth Site
    The Web site which (mostly) is about the great cars built by Plymouth in 1957 and 1958 !

  156. Personal Checks for Auto Enthusiasts
    Your interests, your expression, your style. You will find it all in Styles Checks Online. See our wide selection of checks for automobile enthusiasts today!

  157. Phoenix Graphix Restoration Decal and Stripe Kits
    Phoenix Graphix Inc. is your #1 source for licensed Mopar Authentic Restoration Plymouth Dodge decals and stripe kits approved by Chrysler. Highest Quality available and Satisfaction guaranteed! We offer a full line of decals and stripes for: Road Runner, GTX, Super Bee, Charger, Dart, Demon, Challenger, Barracuda, Duster, Super Coupe, Trucks and more. Toll free: (800) 941-4550

  158. Pit Products
    Pit Products is a manufacturer of trailer accessories and garage storage products including light weight aluminum cabinets, trailer ramps, and tire racks. Their products are designed for the garages and trailers of automotive enthusiasts to help keep their storage and work spaces organized. All products are hand made in the USA in Jackson, Michigan.

  159. The Place for Clouds
    The site for owners and lovers of any type of cloud

  160. Plymouthranch
    I collect oldtimers especially Plymouth 1955, but i own some Chrysler and dodges too. I want to buy Plymouths coupé or convertable 1955 or 1956.

  161. Post War Heavy Metal
    1946-1948 Chrysler Homepage.

  162. Project Mopar
    This is a project in restoring a 1970 Dodge Challenger RT drag race car back to its hay days of the 80's. The car was found sitting for a number of years in the former owner's garage in MN, purchased and brought to CO for restoration in 2004. Now in the final stages of completion, scheduled to be ready for the 2006 racing season.

  163. Rookie Garage: Classic Car Restoration Tips, Tricks and Advice
    Welcome to Rookie Garage, a one-stop garage for classic car restoration tips, tricks and advice, from a rookie-turned-pro classic car fan

  164. Shine On Me Automotive Trim Restorations
    3. A decade ago, I began working with a team of metal artisans here in SoCal, primarily in the early 60's FoMoCo cars, my own niche being the '60-'65 Falcons. This later grew into what we are today, addressing the restoration of all plastic and metal trim components for any and all makes/model. Hugely into the Mopar world currently, thanks to the countless favorable comments on various forums.

  165. Showcars - Fiberglass and Steel Body Parts Unlimited
    No only do they have a huge selection of fiberglass and steel parts for your Muscle Mopar (and Brand X as well), they also have a club for those of you that share a faith in Christ Jesus. If you need body parts or want to be part of the Body of Christ, check them out!

  166. Smart Car Finder
    New Autos and Used Cars. Online prices, values, search, buying, sales, and quotes.

  167. Sneed Insurance
    Shop and compare Insurance Coverages and Prices.

  168. SRT4mation
    SRT4mation.com - Community, Forum, Multimedia Gallery including Picture and Video, How To Guides, Classifieds, NJ / NY / PA Club Chapter, and general information for Owners of the Dodge SRT 4.

  169. St. Louis Area MoPars (SLAM)
    Established in 2002 with the primary purpose of promoting and encouraging the collection, restoration, modification and/or preservation of Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, and AMC cars and trucks, and providing a means of communication between the owners of such vehicles.

  170. Steve's Charger Page

  171. Suburban Transmissions - Laurel, Maryland
    At Suburban Transmissions, we pride ourselves in providing the finest automatic transmission repair. Our service facility in Laurel, Maryland employs expert technicians, offers competitive prices and a strong 3-year, 50,000 mile warranty.

    Our convenient center can provide you with a free while you wait computerized diagnosis of your transmission problem. Up front transmission repair prices are given for all repairs before the work is approved. Whether you live in Laurel, Maryland, surrounding Columbia, Annapolis, Rockville, or DC, we offer outstanding service and a great warranty.

  172. Summit Racing
    Summit Racing has a broad selection of products, a unique blend of news and racing articles, and handy tech information and project ideas that would be of great utility to all MoPar fanatics.

  173. Team Sheriff - Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept
    Next time you see those blue lights in your rear view mirror, check to see if it is a '67 Barracuda grinning its teeth at you! Unless you run a 9.70 @ 140, then you might as well just smile and say, "Howdy, officer!" This awesome 'Cuda is one part of Team Sheriff, with a Grand National as the other car in the duo. Both cars participate in NHRA western division and national circuit, and the Craftsman ET series. Next time you see them roaring down the track stop in and get to know the folks who drive and care for these cars. They're the same folks who care for young people, and the young at heart.

    Email only. We have 7 Mopars and tons of parts.

  175. Tools-R-Us, Inc
    We sell electric power tools, discount power tools, hand power tools, cordless power tools, used power tools and more.

  176. TriCity Mopar Club
    Hey all you Upper East Tennesseans (and surrounding areas)! Check out the TriCity Mopar Club page. They're a non-profit club with a Mopar or No Car attitude! Their annual show pulled in 125 Mopars, and they'd like you to join them. And as an added bonus, if you're into the rock group Jackyl, the bassist would like to show off his '72 Charger.

  177. U Need a Part!
    We are an online used, new, aftermarket, auto, truck, & motorcycle parts locator service, averaging about 3,000 unique visitors per day. And we have about 250 auto recyclers from all around the North American Continent on our service, receiving our 500-750 part requests per day. We also have bulletin boards and classifieds sections.

  178. uShip Car Transport
    The "eBay of Car Transport"- uShip's marketplace will save you up to 80%.

  179. Vintage Tins of the Ozarks
    Restorable Project Cars for sale as well as Classic Cars and Old Trucks. We locate and sell classic project cars and old chevy and gmc trucks as well as other vintage vehicles. We also locate hard to find parts. Site contains interesting photos of barn finds, rust buckets, and lost projects.

  180. Viper Club of America
    The Dodge officially recognized viper owner and enthusiast organization serving the 20000+ Viper owners, and the Viper Nation. Includes forums for members and non-members.

  181. WeatherTech Floor Mats
    Ultimate Truck has floor mats that offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle's interior in a multitude of choices and applications.

  182. Wheel Tech Tuning
    Custom wheels and chrome rims at Wheel Tech Tuning. Offers chrome and custom wheels, car rims, tires, and auto accessories including brand names AMG, Akuza, Incubus, Diablo and Zenetti.

  183. Wildcat Auto Wrecking Online
    I couldn't say it better myself: " Specializing in Mopars, Wildcat Auto Wrecking has a large selection of parts for your classic Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and Desoto. With over 750 Mopars, we are the largest "all Mopar" wrecking yard in the northwest, and one of the largest in the universe." They're located 25 miles East of Portland, Oregon, but will ship anywhere. Check them out!

  184. Windshield Replacement Company in Phoenix [New!]
    SunTec Auto Glass, located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, is known for providing expert windshield replacement and auto glass services for Mopar, classic, vintage and exotic cars. Utilizing either OEM or OEM equivalent glass ensures that only the highest products are applied to customer's vehicles. This is what the SunTec company stands by; quality, experience and care.

  185. WPC Club of Sweden
    Talar du svenska och älskar Mopar ? Besök då den här websiten W.P.C. Club, Sweden Region. The W.P.C. Club (Walter P. Chrysler) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of Chrysler Products, namely Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler, Imperial, Jeep, Eagle and related vehicles.
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