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On the Tennessee Volunteers (Vols) winning the National Championship (added 1/5/99):
To quote a famous comedian, "How Sweet it is!"

I'll fully admit at the beginning of the season that I didn't hold very high expectations of the Vols upcoming year. Peyton Manning was gone for one thing, and who knew what the unproven Tee Martin would do? How could anyone fill Peyton's shoes? How would the team respond to the Peyton-sized vacuum?

Well, the answer was -- no one could possibly fill Peyton's shoes, and Tee did just fine with his own shoes, thank-you-verry-much! The team played as a team, and I hindsightedly see a turning point of the season was the team acknowledging that Jamal Lewis' awesome yard-churning gallops were gone with his knee, and that each person would have to step up.

And step up they did. Not only that, but I submit that they had the blessings of the Lord upon them. Does God really care who wins a National Championship? I think not! But I do know and believe that He is strongly with those who seek His Face and I know for a fact that there is strong, strong Christian leadership on that team, from the Head Coach down to the greenest freshman. Matthew 6:33 - " Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness all these things shall be added unto you." What are all these things?  Earthly things: what we eat, what we drink, what we wear.

And Earthly titles, such as National Championship, as well.

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