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Spirit R/T valve cover gasket info

   Boy--what next?  I noticed a really bad oil smell about 2 months ago in
   my '91 R/T, found out it's the valve cover gaskets.  The one in the rear
   is leaking just enough to drip down the back of the engine and make
   everything stink.  I can't believe the trouble I'm going through to get
   a set of valve cover gaskets for this thing.  Nobody in the surrounding
   area (Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine WI, and parts of ILL) had any.  Finally
   the local Chrysler dealership found a couple down south but they want to
   charge me for everything from shipping to the long distance calls they
   had to make to get a set-comes to just over $100.00,(funny ain't it).
   Does anybody know of a cheaper route than this?  Any and all
   suggestions welcome at this point and thanks in advance.
   My Life For A Gasket

My (excellent) parts guy verifies that these are on national backorder.  The
Chrysler locator shows some sources.  So does Partsvoice (1-800-328-8766
touchtone, 1-800-662-7499 9600 baud 8N1, or www.partsvoice.com).  To use
Partvoice via the 800 numbers, your ID number is 88+your area code.  Part
number for the gaskets is 4484489.  List price is ~$43/pair (though if you're
not getting a discount on parts from your dealer you need to talk to them
about it or find another dealer).  Anyway, contact Partsvoice and make your
own calls.

David Wright

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