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Spirit R/T O2 sensor wire info

From a Daniel Stern email:   
That done, I decided to check on Bill's theory that an O2 sensor wire had
perhaps been chafed and had shorted out.  On the T3 engine, the 3-fingered
starter-mounted bracket that Bill mentioned as holding these wires,
doesn't exist.  The wires run, in one of the ubiquitous black plastic
convoluted looms, UNDER the air cleaner bracket which is directly above
the exhaust manifold and turbo, and down to the O2 sensor.  There was not
one O2 sensor wire chafed or shorted.  Not one, mind you--but ALL FOUR.
Yes, all four wires had been quick-fried to a crackling, crunchy crisp and
the cupric (cuprous?)-oxide strands remaining were all frazzled and
mangled into one mass of seriously barbecued wire.  It is plain to see
that these wires had been too close to the turbo for WAY too long, and I
just pulled the 3" section of bare wires into contact with each other or
with the turbo when I disconnected the O2 sensor. 
Other R/T owners may want to pull the air cleaner and check the status of
their four O2 sensor wires.

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