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Quick info on Spirit R/T's from Paul Bicknell (pab@security.mitre.org):  

Paul writes, "Just after I bought my '91 Spirit R/T in January 95 I decided to write a letter to Chrysler asking if they could provide me with any information about Spirit R/Ts. Well a really nice person from customer relations called me one day to tell me that they were sending some stuff out me. A few days later I got a brown envelope in the mail inside of which were 1) build stats on 91 Spirits 2) an exhaustive list of option codes and descriptions of things built into my car and 3) a photo-copy of the page out of the '91 Spirit showroom brochure that featured the R/T.

People on the net may find the build stats interesting, particularly with regards to turbos:

Total 1991 Spirit production: 93773
79707 ordinary Spirits, 6245 LE, 6613 ES and...
1208 R/Ts

1) 2.5L: 61654 Spirits, 1368 LE, 0 ES, 0 R/T
2) 3.0L V6: 18053 Spirits, 6245 LE, 5676 ES, 0 R/T
3) 2.5L Turbo: 0 Spirits, 172 LE, 937 ES, 0 R/T
4) 2.2L 16V Turbo: 0 Spirits, 0 LE, 0 ES, 1208 R/Ts

1) A413 3spd auto: 60668 Spirits (2.5L), 1367 LE (2.5L), 172 LE (2.5L Turbo), 619 ES (2.5L Turbo), 0 R/T
2) A604 4spd auto: 18053 (3.0L), 6245 LE (3.0L), 5676 ES (3.0L), 0 R/T
3) A523 5spd manl: 986 (2.5L), 1 LE (2.5L), 318 ES (2.5L Turbo), 0 R/T
4) A568 5spd manl: 0 Spirits, 0 LE, 0 ES, 1208 R/T

1) California: 5611 Spirits (2.5L), 884 Spirit (3.0L), 31 LE (2.5L), 18 LE (2.5 Turbo), 25 ES (2.5L turbo), 0 R/T (must have been clean enough already)
2) High Altitude: 1850 Spirits (2.5L), 270 Spirits (3.0L), 10 LE (2.5L), 119 LE (3.0L), 6 LE (2.5 Turbo), 32 ES (2.5L Turbo), 79 ES (3.0L), 32 R/T

Bottom line on Turbos: 2317 out of 93773 or 2.5% of total run. If you eliminate all 1208 R/Ts you are left with only 1109 or a little over 1%. No wonder Chrysler dropped the motor, it was really a specialty item that must have cost them a bundle."

Some do, some don't, I might
Paul Bicknell, pab@security.mitre.org, MITRE Corp.
'79 KZ650 - UJM par excellence, '91 Dodge Spirit R/T - you don't notice it until it's gone

What follows are the Chrysler production figures via Clifford Ramsdell of the Spirit RT registry. For 1991 1208 Produced 774 Red/WJF Cast Aluminum Wheels 434 White / WJP Styled aluminum Wheels 326 Anti-Lock brakes 882 standard four wheel discs 442 Manual driver seat 766 Power driver seat 565 Standard Sound System 643 Infinity Sound System 877 Power Windows 1020 Power door locks 1206 Header Mounted Reading Lamps 152 "AJH" Overhead Convenience Package (console, illuminated visor mirrors, reading lamps, outside temp readout, sunglass storage) A few notes !) Cliff Sebring (PA) has one of the pre-production cars. 2) Of the Infinity Systems that I have seen, they are all Infinity 2 , I have yet to see Inifinty 1 in an RT 3) While the wheels are described diffently, they are the same wheel. Red cars were polished with red "background" while the white cars had solid white wheels. IMO, the wheels suck... For 1992 191 produced 1399 total production run 31 Silver 68 White 92 Red 183 Dual Road Fog Lamps 171 Power Windows and Locks 117 Anti-Lock Brakes 74 Standard Four Wheel Discs 115 Illumination Package (Entry and Visor Mirrors) 114 Overhaed convenience Package 98 Standard Sound System 93 Infinity Sound System 77 Header Mounted Reading Lamps 68 Manual Driver Seat 123 Power Driver Seat Differences from 1991 150MPH speedo Woodgrain on dash (except one) Blackout treatment on the grille New wheels... Don't know what they are called, but I have seen the same wheel on Daytonas

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