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Spirit R/T Exhaust Q&A

On another note, the exhaust system on the R/T needs replacement and I was wondering if you had any ideas about things I could do. Do you know anything about availability and obtaining high performance mufflers, pipes, etc. Does the exhaust make any difference? Are there any advantages of aftermarket systems vs. a Dodge factory replacement? The stock exhaust system is adequate, but tuned more for sound control than all-out performance (as you might expect). The cat is probably the largest single restriction. As delivered, the system comes out of the turbo and goes into the cat at 2.5", comes out of the cat 2.25", necks down to 1-7/8" just before the rear wheel, and finishes its run through the muffler at 1-7/8''. The popular replacement system has been installed on several of our vehicles at Lou's Custom Exhaust off Main Street in North Reading. He cuts off the whole system before the cat, puts on an Arvin hi-capacity cat (2.5'' in/out), custom bends the required 2.5'' pipe out to the muffler area, then attaches your muffler of choice. I can highly recommend just about any Dynomax muffler: Super Turbo, CVX, Boss Turbo or Ultraflow. The Super/Boss Turbo have good sound control and good flow. The CVX is a bit louder, but has much better flow. The Ultraflow is essentially the same as a CVX, but in stainless steel and more expensive. If you choose the Super/Boss Turbo or CVX, expect the whole job to run $200-$250. If you choose the Ultraflow, you'll be well over $300. DO NOT allow them to install a Flowmaster ANYTHING - they are loud and obnoxious on 4-cylinders. Most other mufflers designed for V8s are loud and boomy on Mopar turbos. SuperTraps make good power, but have an unpleasant exhaust note (and are quite expensive). Expect as much as an extra 2 pounds of peak boost from a full aftermarket system of this type (you already have a Fuel Rich/Lean gauge installed, RIGHT?) :-) as well as a slight rise in MPG. Expect 1/4 mile times to drop almost half a second! Expect much less if you just replace the muffler and pipes, and leave the stock cat in place. One last comment - Lou's gets all his Dynomax mufflers from a local parts shop that stocks Dynomax. Several times, Lou has ordered us 2.5''-2.5'' Super Turbo mufflers, only to have those jokers send him 2.25''-2.25''. You might want to pick up your muffler of choice and haul it down to the muffler shop yourself. Stay away from muffler chains unless you want exactly the same thing that is on the car now, that's all they will do. You can pretty much ignore the tight-fit and added expense of 3'' pipes, since you are not planning on making over 250 horsepower. Also note that the EPA mandates OEM cat unless the car has over 50,000 miles on it, because the EPA mandates 50,000 miles (unlimited time) warranty by the manufacturer on all factory cats. If you are close, most muffler shops will fudge the mileage for you, otherwise, you might get a hassle - JUST FYI. Have fun! Herb DaSilva

From Wes Grueninger : When I needed a replacement for the internally rotted original muffler on my first '91, I tried calling several parts stores and had the muffler looked up by application. Everybody, from cheapo brands like 'Silver Knight' all the way up to Walker, listed the Turbo III as having the smaller diameter muffler. The smaller diameter muffler fits all of the naturally aspirated 2.2 and 2.5L K-derivates. When matching the replacements up to the original, however, I noticed how much larger the OE muffler was. I finally called one of the parts stores I sell starters and alternators to. They looked the application up in their AP Muffler catalog, and a different number was listed for the Turbo III. (Note that sometimes this is listed in catalogs just as 'w/ intercooler' and 'wo/ intercooler' - there were two different turbo engines available in 1991!) When they delivered the muffler and I matched it up to the original, it was a perfect match. Just for grins, I had the counterman look up the part number in his application guide. It fit all 3.0L-equipped K-derivates, as well as the Turbo III-equipped cars. Surely, though, you're aware that "fits" doesn't mean "matches". The T3 muffler is a special low-restriction item which very well may have the same inlet and outlet diameters (and certainly has the same mounting and external dimensions) as the 3-litre piece. Aftermarket parts makers LOVE to consolidate whenever they can...it saves them big $$$$. If I wanted a factory-type muffler, this is one app where I'd probably get a genuine Chryco item. Daniel Stern Sorry I didn't clarify this. I am not sure that the internal baffling should be or is the same between the 3.0L and the Turbo III muffler. However, I am positive that this muffler will have less backpressure than running through the dinky naturally aspirated muffler. In my case, I had the exhaust ripped off the car and had to have it reinstalled that day so I could make it to Chryslers@Carlisle in '95. If you REALLY want to do it right, then get the factory item. But if you need it fast and cheap, then the 3.0L exhaust (which was designed to handle the exhaust output of .8 more liters and two more cylinders) will be better than nothing. Wes Grueninger ------------------------------
HI Everyone, I thought that I might jump into this great muffler debate and offer some factory parts info. The orignal part number muffler for the 91 & 92 R/T's is 4427635 and was unique to these cars only. That muffler is no longer available from Chrysler and is replaced by the following Walker (Chryslers replacement exhaust supplier) numbers. Muffler;E0022554, Spout;E0041422, Pipe;E0043130. This also happens to be the same part numbers that the 89-91 3.0 A-bodies use. The part number for the 92-95 3.0 A-body muffler is 4427747 and this piece is still available from Chrysler. And on a sad note for us Spirit R/T owners the muffler for the IROC R/T is still a good number and available for less than $100 list at any Chrysler dealer. So from the stand point of it looks orignial you cant beat the 92-95 3.0 muffler because all the replacements are 3 piece and the orignal is only one. And as a final note I have run the orignal part number for the R/T muffler on Chryslers parts locater and this also turned up no mufflers. Oh yes the price on the late 3.0 muffler is around $120. list. Good luck Cliff & Lorraine Ramsdell The Spirit R/T Club

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