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Spirit R/T Poor Air Conditioning Performance TSB

Models affected: 1991 Spirit R/T with Turbo III
NOTE: THIS BULLETIN APPLIES TO SPIRIT R/T MODELS ONLY. (Caps taken directly from bulletin)

Customer complaint of poor air conditioning performance at lower (10-20 
mph) speeds or the temperature gauge reads above normal at higher speeds.

Parts required:
1  Air dam 4676 257
4 screws 6502 064  [these are special--get them, don't try to make do w/out]

Repair procedure:  This repair involves installation of an air dam on the 
lower radiator closure panel.

1) Raise vehicle on hoist (I just crawled on my back underneath)

2) Install dam on lower radiator panel (Note, it's a dam, not a scoop.  
It only fits one direction.)  Holes pre-drilled in dam will line-up with 
holes in bottom of panel.

3) tighten screws to 12 Pound-Inches (1.36 Newton-Metres)

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