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On The Promisekeepers movement among men: (added 10/97)
I say a resounding, "Amen!" and "Hallelujah!" Since I am a woman, and mechanical engineer duking it out in a Man's World everyday, you're probably saying, "How could she be so stupid and blind as to support a movement that seemingly puts women 2nd class?"

If my Dad had only thrown his own problems onto the mercy of God, instead of trying to drown them in alcohol as his own father had, I would not have lived through as much pain as I have in my life. This is a statement of fact, not a statement of pitifulness on my part. Although I have forgiven Dad, it is painfully obvious to me that in my life alone, there was a failure on the part of two men (my own Dad, and his Dad) to be Men. To first of all love God will all their hearts, and to cherish, honor, and respect their wives and be prepared to give their lives for her and their children as Christ did for every single person that has ever lived (including you!).

I see the PK's striving to be what my Dad was not. They're not going to be perfect at it, just as I'm not perfect at being a wife, or a mechanical engineer. But if just one man turns his life around and starts treating his wife with love, honor and respect and starts being the Dad for his children that he is called to be in Scripture, then that wife or that child will experience something I have not up until recently.

Maybe I'm living my life vicariously through this movement. Maybe I have my rose-colored glasses on again. But I have already personally seen positive change in a man I work with, mainly because of the result of attending Promisekeeper gatherings. And his wife and son and daughter have been and will continue to be hugely blessed by it.

So, I'm all for men being the men God calls them to be. Because I know they'll throw away all that macho junk as rubbish and serve the Living God to the best of their abilities. They will model their lives after Jesus Christ, who showed His love to all mankind, yes, even women! Praise be to God for the men who've taken a stand for Christ.

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