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Mod Top #66

Sandy Reda in Florida used to have a '69 Satellite 318/automatic Mod Top that may now be in Japan.

Click here for some great info from Sandy on this "Dealer Anouncement Unit" ModTop!

More info about the car:

  • Engine that came with the car orginally? - 318
  • Engine in the car now - 318
  • Tranny that came orginally? - auto
  • Tranny in the car now? - auto
  • Original Exterior color? - W1 Alpine White
  • Interior seat color - F2Q Turquoise vinyl with mod (floral) inserts

Notes from Sandy:

"I have since sold this car but its history should be very interesting to other ModTop owners. The car was a "Dealer Anouncement Unit", one of a dozen or so identicle cars with scheduled build dates of 8-1-68. I found 3 build sheets and all three were from 3 different but identically optioned cars. The whole story along with pictures of the window sticker and original title can be found here: http://www.sandysgarage.com/pegboard.html. It was an all original(paint and everything) 99k mile car. I am told the car is in Japan now."

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