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Mod Top #51

Chris Rohman in Minnesota has a 1969 318/904 (soon to be 340/727) ModTop Barracuda

Chris Rohman's Mod Top

Chris Rohman's Mod Top

Chris Rohman's Mod Top

More info about the car:

  • Engine that came with the car orginally? - 318
  • Engine in the car now - 318 (until the 340 is done)
  • Tranny that came orginally? - 904
  • Tranny in the car now? - 727
  • Original Exterior color? - Y2 Sunfire Yellow
  • Color now? - Y2 Sunfire Yellow
  • Interior bucket seat color - F6J Green vinyl with mod (floral inserts)
More info from the owner:
This Mod Top has an 8 3/4" suregrip rear end and 3.55 gears. Chris got the car as a graduation gift from his Dad, who bought it for $100 in North Dakota (!).

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