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Mod Top #17

George Clark saw a strange site back in his high school days:

"I don't even know if the car still exists. I used to see it all the time in my town of Aberdeen S.D. It was a white with mod floral top 69 satellite. The interior was green with orangish colored flowered pattern inserts. The interior of the roof was lined with a orange velvet type of material. I last saw the car some 8 years ago when I visited there. It was in wonderful shape with the small coke bottle cap wheel covers and steel rims. The person who owned the car took good care of it although it was a daily driver for the several years I lived there in High School.(81-83) I know its sad that I didn't have more to give you, but at the time I was unsure of what to make of this car. I thought the owner was some artist who did it himself for a statement. I had no idea that there were others like it till now. The car had no other mods I could remember. The car had a 383 with a stick shift and one big seat in the front. I wish I had some pictures of it still, I left them at my parents place in Minnesota and I don't plan to go there till next year. If I remember this note, I'll send you both the pictures I remember taking back in the winter of '82. "

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