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On Peyton Manning not winning the Heisman: (added 12/97)
This is one of the most ludicrous, stinking, uncalled for, insane, unbelievable travesties I've seen in a long while. How could a *pretty good* db/cb possibly be more outstanding than a qb that has consistently over 4 years put up Heisman-like numbers? And what about character? I guess Manning was "too good." Did anyone see Manning at any time in his career flaunting himself and promoting himself and "walking the talk," as Woodson claims he does? NO! You know why? Because Manning is above all that. You want integrity? You want leadership? You want a role model for your children? You want someone who stayed after the Heisman presentation answering questions and signing autographs for 45 minutes, all the while in pain because of an infection spreading from his knee to his ankle? Then look at Manning. You want a talented athlete who just happened to have one terrific game, then look at Woodson. As far as I'm concerned, the Heisman is a farce. The best man did not win. And ESPN and ABC are mainly to blame because they created Woodson as a straw man to boost Heisman hype for the sake of the almighty dollar. Am I angry? You bet! Am I disappointed? Definitely. Does this all matter in the grand scheme of things? No way. Archie Manning said it best when he said, "There is a reason for this. It was not meant to be." I would interpret that as God has a bigger plan for Peyton than winning some statue. Peyton will grow from this, and be even a more classy act than ever before. I believe Cooper Manning, Peyton's brother, summed it up well: "Peyton deserved the Heisman, but the Heisman does not deserve Peyton." Godspeed, Peyton. You'll always be a winner in my heart.
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