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392 HEMI 5-speed with Fuel Injection


(We no longer own this vehicle as of late 2012).

'67 GTX
1967 Plymouth GTX after resto
Before recent restoration:

  • 1957 392 Hemi Engine - .030 over
  • 3-2bbl carburators - a "Six Pak"
  • 286/.485 cam
  • Homemade curlyque headers
  • 4.10 Sure-grip
  • Rear sway bar, Polyurethene bushings
  • Likes to race the ModCuda
After a recent restoration:
  • Complete interior redo
    • New carpet
    • Upholstery, headliner
    • Stereo
    • Air conditioning!
    [Engine out of car] [Mighty Hemi heads!]
    Engine out of car
    (20 kb)
    Mighty Hemi heads!
    (21 kb)

    Need Early Hemi Info? You've come to the right place!

    • Hot Heads Research & Racing. They specialize in aluminum products for your early hemi. They have heads, timing covers, harmonic balancers, pulleys, water pumps, valley covers, rocker stands, valve covers, studs sets, rod bolts, hi-vol oil pumps, oil filter adapters and more. Reach them at Hot Heads Research & Racing, Inc.
      276 Walker's Hollow Trail
      Lowgap, NC 27024
      Phone: (336) 352-4866 Fax: (336) 352-3892
      E-mail: info@powerplayhemi.com
    • Check on new cams for your 392 with Chris Nielson Cams (801) 451-7745 (8-5 Mountain Time, M-F) (PO Box 416, 644 West 100 North, Farmington, UT 84025)
    Here are some links to Early Hemi resources on the 'Net:

    • Check out Brian's street legal '68 354 Hemi Barracuda, with 3.73 gears and a 904 torqueflite with manual valve body, and lots of extra stuff
    • Tons of early Hemi info, including all you'd ever want to know about the 331 (you can even click to listen to one run)! An excellent resource for all early Hemis. There's also an early Hemi registry!
    • Hemi Central, including history, and serial numbers. The Early Hemi stuff is mixed in with lots of good 426 data, too.
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