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So, the details are coming out about the killings at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. My thoughts mainly focus not only around the students that perpertrated this massacre, and not only on the ones that lost their lives, but how in the world this country has reached the point (time and time again lately) where children kill children, not only mercilessly, but with forethought and planning.

You know what I think the deal is behind these slayings? Moral character. Or lack of it, actually. This is not a gun thing. This is a character thing. I've heard over and over last week from several sources that, "The only thing I did in high school is punch someone out! What's with these guns?" Things certainly have changed in the recent past. So, what's caused these changes?
What can be done?

Pray for your children! Know what is going on with your children and care about them enough to discipline them and teach them personal responsibility! If you don't show them and teach them right from wrong, then someone else will. Even if you did not know love and discipline as a child yourself, break from the past and love and discipline your children!

Young people!
Pray for your friends! If someone is different from yourself, respect that person. Be kind. Repay evil with good. And realize it is your responsibility to tell someone, an adult, if another person (young or old) is inappropriately carrying a lethal weapon, or even planning mayhem. You may not only save your life, but the lives of others.

Pray for your families, for your neighbor, for your church, for your country. The Holy Spirit will discern for you what is acceptable to watch on TV and in video and what to listen to in music, and what games to play, if you will just listen to Him. Encourage others to do likewise!

You personally can make a difference. Stand up for what is right and true and moral! Reach out and love someone unconditionally.

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