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Some of the furor over our President's admission of a sexual liaison outside his marriage bed has died down. There is a huge well of anger inside of me over this "affair" and I know that writing out my thoughts in this medium will help me begin to understand why I feel all this bile rising in my throat when I even think of the man.

Here's what comes to my mind:

  1. Bill Clinton is the most powerful human on this planet and he's acting like a 14 year old. A hormonally challenged 14 year old.
  2. He turned his back on his marriage commitment.
  3. He lied like a rug and didn't even apologize.
  4. He is a terrible, terrible role model for just about anyone but Satan.
  5. He makes me sick because he's made a fool of himself and this country.
  6. What makes me almost as sick is that his country wants to regard his sexual misdeeds as needing just a slap on the wrist, but that lying he did - well, that's worth impeachment! WHAT ABOUT HIS MARRIAGE COMMITMENT BEFORE GOD? Sorry for yelling, this really bothers me.
(More to come later as I gather my thoughts...)

11/8/98: OK, I'm back.
So, now that I've thought about it some more, I tend to agree with most Americans that lying to the American public is immature at best and treasonous at worst, and in his position, it is probably worse than committing adultery, because adultery is lying, too, but to just one person (two if you count yourself and three if you count "His God").

But one thing I do keep coming back to is the President's approval rating, even after he finally admitted that he lied. So, as long as the American public can keep their treasures which moths and rust destroy (due to a good economy, stupid), then they don't care what the President of the most powerful nation in the world does. What is wrong here? It's a continuation of "Don't bother me, I'm having fun and playing with all my toys while the nation and my children spiral down a moral cesspool."

I have news. Good News and bad news. The bad news is, this prosperity ain't going to last forever. My Grampa remembers the Depression, and it could happen again - maybe on 1/1/00 when all the computers go, "Huh?" The Good News is that God loves us in spite of ourselves, yes, even Bill Clinton. And we can all find comfort, forgiveness and riches beyond all imagination if we would humble ourselves before our God, call for revival in this land, and turn our hearts over the the King of Kings, Messiah Yeshua, Jesus Christ. Let's pray for Bill Clinton. Amen?
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