Installing a Cabin Air Filter on an '03 PT Cruiser turbo
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Note: I ordered the whole kit (the filter AND the filter housing) - Chrysler part number 82206886- Cabin Air Filter kit. I don't know if you can get just the filter or not. My 2003 GT Turbo already had the housing for the filter, so I really only needed the filter and not the whole Cabin Air Filter kit. I believe the filter alone is Chrysler Part number 05058040AA, which PartsVoice shows as stocking at various dealers nationwide, so maybe you can get the filter separately.


Here's the Wix filter

Apparently Wix p/n 700602
and Chrysler p/n 05058040AA
Remove the passenger's side cowl cover
by removing
4 black plastic captive screws.
It helps if you stop your
wipers in the "up" position

Loosen the 10mm bolt
on the driver's side of the
windshield washer reservoir.
Remove the (2) 10mm bolts
on the other side of the reservoir
so you can move it out of the way
to access the air filter box
(see grille behind reservoir).

Rotate the reservoir
out of the way

Remove the plastic grille
from the airbox.

Install the cabin air filter
by putting it in the front of the airbox

Note Air Flow arrow.
Replace the plastic grille.
Make sure you push the
filter in well at the bottom
so the plastic grille tabs
can go back in their slots.
All ready for filtration!
Replace the reservoir and
cowl cover and you're done!